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This is the only time I saw a black rhino in Africa during my trip recently, and boy are they different than white rhino. Looks are actually quite similar, but personality? They are polar opposites. This black rhino was either curious about me, or angry with me (I couldn’t tell which), but I stood my ground (in the car) until he got very close to me.  He was actually traveling with one other.  I knew right away I wasn’t dealing with a white rhino, because of his demeanor, the fact he held his head up and never once grazed on grass, and because of his mouth (which is curved unlike the broad straight mouth of the white).  Note the fresh gouge in his side in the top photo, a clue as well to this being the more aggressive black rhino.  I finally left them, but not far down the road I spied a dung beetle rolling his prize across the road, and had to get out and get a video.  While I was flat on my belly about 50 feet from the car, I felt some heavy footsteps, and looked up to see my friend the rhino coming to investigate.  He was not charging, and didn’t really look like he wanted to, but I nevertheless beat a hasty retreat to the car.  This all took place in Kruger National Park in South Africa, where there are strict rules about staying in your vehicle, for just this reason I suppose.  I just could not follow that rule to the letter though.

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