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Driving down through the Mbabe Depression, a vast near-treeless plain in N. Botswana, a storm built up and moved westward rapidly to engulf me and a few nervous animals, including this lone wildebeast.  Sand and dust led the way, reducing visibility to nil, and rain followed, complete with thunder and spectacular lightning. After these and a few other shots, I got out of there, since the “road” I was driving on becomes impassable quickly when it gets wet.  It was slightly intimidating.  But this was tempered by a feeling of relief.  I am surprised how much the first rains of the season can affect even me, a visitor.  The weather has been so hot, so dry, that these first storms, however brief they are, are as welcome as any rain I’ve experienced.  


Posted November 17, 2011 by MJF Images in Uncategorized

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