Lion in the Bush   Leave a comment

Lion in the Bush.  Very near the Kafue River in W. Zambia, walking with an armed ranger, we ran across a dead hippo (killed by another hippo), and just as we were wondering why no predators were around, all the vultures flew off, then we heard a deep roar, the kind that resonates in your bones.  Looking up we saw a male lion, who proceeded to false charge.  The ranger looked a little scared, and retreated a bit, I was too busy doing the same to get a picture, until the lion retreated back into the thicket, and glowered at us, softly growling.  This was my 3rd walking safari, and the first two were uneventful.  Third time’s a charm.  This was what I came to Africa for, I thought, as the adrenaline slowly leaked from my body.

Posted October 30, 2011 by MJF Images in Africa

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