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I stopped for a hike along the Snake as it winds its way between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, at dusk.  Expecting to see moose or bear, I instead spied a family of river otters feeding in the shallows of a rapid.  While I got a few decent stills, the videos are the best.  I’ll post them when I get a chance to edit.  Now I’m back in Montana, Big Sky along the Madison River.

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The oh-so-cute pika, or rock rabbit, source of the piercing “cheeep” as you hike past that alpine talus pile.  This little fella gave me one small chance to get his picture, in upper Paintbrush Canyon, Teton Mountain Range.  Pika populations are suffering in many areas because of climate change.  An animal who lives at high altitudes is similarly susceptible to shifting climates as the polar bear, who lives in high latitudes. When a set of climatic conditions wants to shift, but has nowhere to shift to, the animals & plants dependent on those conditions also have nowhere to go.

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The other evening I shot at night, which has been arguably the best light with the clear weather we’ve had.  This while spending the night near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.  The stars were amazing, and so was the waxing crescent moon as it set behind the mountains.  I was there late, and a ranger stopped by wondering if the lone vehicle parked in the lot belonged to a bear victim, or what.

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Traveling on up the Gros Ventre River yesterday, east of Grand Teton NP, I saw this cow moose first, then her baby (who she never allowed to show himself well enough for me to get a decent picture).  Must say she looked very healthy, as did her calf.  I spent quite awhile with them, since this was my first moose sighting in the Teton area (known for its moose).  Later that evening I saw a black bear at very close range.  In Jackson now, getting my van some love before continuing on to the west side of the Range.

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Decided on a whim to travel east of the Tetons a short distance, up the Gros Ventre River, to Slide Lake (pictured).  It was created by an earthquake in the 1950s, as a landslide blocked the river.  A bonus: On the way up the river, I got to watch a large cow moose and her calf splashing along the river’s edge, though they were fairly shy when they spotted me.

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