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I thought I’d post an image of my two horses, Gold Dancer (GD) and Khallie, her filly.  GD is the grey arab mare, and Khallie (also a registered arab) is chestnut turning grey.  I love this image because unlike most horse photos, which strive to show them in action, or in hyper-alertness (understandably so; after all they show their power and grace), this captures them both in a very relaxed, happy state.  The meadow is filled with the sweet tall grass of springtime, and it’s a fairly big one, which adds to their sense of security (predators can’t sneak up).  Their heads are drooping in a way that says “thanks Mike for bringing us here, and we wouldn’t complain if we did this every day”.  After taking the picture, I laid down in the grass.  My favorite grass is head-high, but it’s hard to capture the feeling of being in grass like that through still photographs.  Also, it’s rare to find grass that high.

Posted May 26, 2011 by MJF Images in Uncategorized

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