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With my uncle (who’s 70 – go man!) I went hiking up on the Washington side of the Columbia, north of Carson (home of the famous hot springs).  It’s a relatively short but somewhat steep hike called Grassy Knoll.  I was hoping to see and photo many wildflowers, since like the name suggests, there are grassy meadows galore on that ridge.  But the snow was only just now melting off the ridge, and though patchy it slowed us down and made a push to Big Huckleberry Mtn. out of the question.  Also, the tardiness of the season meant the flowers were just getting started, with glacier lilies one of the only blooms in evidence.  Fortunately, I love glacier lilies. 

Also we had great views of Mt Adams, which lies just to the east of there, across a big valley partly filled in by a 300,000-year-old lava flow.  Adams is 12,307 feet tall, and holds more snow (and later) than Hood just across the Columbia.  We were wondering how Adams got its name, so here it is. 

Of course it is named after the 2nd president, John Adams, but here’s the kicker: The mountain now named St Helens was to be named Adams (and Hood originally was going to be Washington), but a mapmaker mistakenly plotted the name 40 miles east of St Helens, within 5 miles of the big mountain that was strangely missed by the whites up to that point (even by Lewis & Clark).  When the error was discovered, the plan to name all the Cascades after presidents had been abandoned, but the name Adams was applied to the massive 12,000-foot mountain that lies to the east of the main Cascade crest.  A funny thing: I just got the John Adams video on Netflix; you know, the one starring that guy from the movie about vinophiles.  What’s his name again?

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