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Wild flowers are blooming in the forests around my home town, Portland, Oregon.  And the yards in the neighborhood are a riot of colors and smells too.  Everything looks like late Spring, though it feels more like early season.  Cool and a lot wetter than normal, but enough sun to get things going in a big way.  I’ve also been hearing some familiar bird song lately, such as the yellow warbler, yellowthroat and goldfinch.  Sounds nice, like hearing the voices of a group of friends you haven’t seen for a long time.

This photo was grabbed as I did a quick hike out in the Columbia Gorge.  Angel’s Rest is an old standby, mainly because it is the closest hike to the east side of town where I live, and it doesn’t take too long to do.  And even though it’s only about 4 miles or so in length, a stiff climb is involved, with a grand view of the Columbia and its Gorge from the top.  I raced out there on my bike, hiked most of it in “exercise mode”, and wound my way back on the historic highway.  A fun ride, with tight curves engineered by the CCC, and in a time when cut and fill wasn’t done on such a massive scale as on modern roads.  Today as well, I got the three lenses I had repaired & cleaned at Canon.  I sure missed them, but being forced to shoot at only telephoto focal lengths inspired some creativity.  But it’s wide angle tomorrow baby!

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