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My dog, Charl, the intrepid shihtsu.  He had just finished getting his hair cut.  I took a few photos with a lens I haven’t used in quite some time – the Canon 135 mm f/2.0L.  It’s an excellent lens.  I forgot how nice the bokeh is.  Bokeh refers to the blurred, out of focus portion of the image, normally found in the background of the subject.  At the wide-open aperture of f/2, which this image was shot at, even Charl’s body is very blurry, forcing attention to his face (as if those big eyes weren’t attention grabbing enough).  The word “bokeh” comes from the Japanese “boke”, meaning a haze (even applying to a mental haze).  This last meaning I can relate to.  I think the next time I miss an appointment, I’ll tell them I’m in a “boke” today.  They’ll be so busy trying to figure it out, they might forget about the whole thing. 

Posted May 12, 2011 by MJF Images in Uncategorized

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