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I spent a couple days at the Toroweap Point area on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  Beautiful, gorgeous and peaceful, but about 60 miles each way on gravel roads, and the last 5 miles is extremely rough and rocky.  My Westy did it though.

Though I got some great landscape shots, I’m posting two animal shots, one cute, the other “not so much” (as is said too many times – like “absolutely”).  I hiked down to the Colorado on a steep scramble, really a true goat trail.  2800 feet straight down.  At the bottom, adjacent to the Lava Falls Rapid (one gnarly piece of white water), I found this slithery friend.  It was a little scary, as I surprised him and got too close for comfort. No help if I got bit, with an impossibly tough hike out.

Then up on the rim (whew!) this little furry fella was checking me out, the only person he had seen for awhile.  Utah Prairie Dogs are on the endangered species list.  All in all a beautiful place, Toroweap, worth the washboard.  I’ll post more scenics from there tomorrow.  For now I’m in Saint George, hanging out.  I like the town.  People are friendly here in Utah’s Dixie.  But I am heading into the teeth of the storm, and will be at Yosemite in snow.


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